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My greatest passion is to tell the story of your loved one. In a perfect world I will have had the chance to meet them and to have done some doula care with the family in advance of death.

In reality, this is not often the case and so it is a case of listening to you tell me about why that person was special to you, the funny stories, the interests and history of his life.

I will suggest poetry and readings that chime with the character of the deceased and I will write an elegant synopsis of a life well lived.

I will treat your memories with respect and I will do my utmost to balance the stories, the music and the tributes to make something that is truly of the person that you loved.

Funerals and memorials are all about grief and grief takes us all in different ways. Do not be afraid of sharing your grief; it will inform those who care and it is cathartic and important in forging a way through these hard times.

Sadly, too many deaths are untimely and this is agony for those left to mourn. My role as a Doula will help you to unburden, I cannot assuage the loss but I can mitigate it.

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Celebrants work in burial and cremation

We are lucky to have a number of natural burial grounds in this part of the country and I can guide you through a natural burial if this is what you would like.

There are some excellent small crematoria in the area too; you will have had some unpleasant experiences in larger venues perhaps, this need not be the case; modern venues are very much more respectful and although it is never a pleasure, it can be made very much easier in more conducive surroundings.

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