Family and Funeral Celebrant in Hampshire

Welcome to The Country Celebrant page where you can learn more about the services that a civil celebrant provides.

I have been in the business for over 6 years and I perform all manner of ceremonies from hand-fastings at weddings to heartfelt memorials at funerals.


Countryside Ceremonies

My background is in the countryside and I am passionate about creating bespoke ceremonies that are individually tailored to the people with whom I am working.

I came to celebrancy through the loss of my Father – he was an advocate for the land and wished to buried on his own farm.  I had to learn how to do that, how to support the rest of my family through the process and how to make his memorial as important as he was to us.


End of life Doula

Since training as a civil celebrant I have gone on to train as an end of life Doula; this is an adjunct to my every day work and is all about supporting people who are dying, helping them to say goodbye in a way that is as comfortable as possible.  I work with a variety of families and help them through those last weeks with dignity and compassion.


How to navigate this website

You will notice that this website is divided into chapters; language, books and poetry are a big part of what I enjoy about being a celebrant.  Each chapter has an illuminated letter as part of its design and this echoes my logo, the design of which was taken from a frontispiece to an anthology of poems.

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Celebrant Experience

I was trained in Lincoln by the UK Society of Celebrants with whom I continue to have association.
My training was as a civil celebrant which means that I can conduct a funeral, memorial, wedding ceremony and a naming ceremony. In addition I write blogs, poetry and scripts for your information and enjoyment.

I have adapted my services to include funeral preparation in advance of death; this is proving very popular alongside my Doula work as it allows for some control over the planning of a funeral and its associated costs.


End of Life Doula Care

Again, the training was provided by the UK Society of Celebrants. This course was delivered over two weekends and allows me to feel confident in delivering bedside care for someone in advance of death.

The care that a Doula provides is spiritual, not medical. I listen to the worries and concerns of those people who are intimately involved in the end of a life and help them to make their peace. It can be as simple as being a gatekeeper, passing information on to others and allowing a family quality, uninterrupted time to die naturally at home.

I have access to the services that a dying person will require and can act as liaison with those services.

I work with families leading up to death in preparation and I work with families after a death to allow them a safe haven in which to express their grief and come to terms with their loss.



I have been lucky enough to work in some fabulous locations that lend themselves naturally to some beautiful photographs.
I would like to pay tribute to all the brilliant photographers who have so generously contributed to this site, thank you.

Anna Mikulich Photography
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