Children and Animals – what can I say?

It has oft been said, to work with children and animals is a recipe for mishap.  Not so in my experience this year. I was taught not to tie the actual rings to the bird tasked with delivering them … in the past I have had one owl who had other things on her mind READ MORE

The business of naming | Celebrant work | Nurture

We all have a name, chosen for us by our parents … it may be a reference to someone special in their lives, it may be a name that they have heard and liked or it might be a reference to a character in a book or film. As we grow up, the name that READ MORE

Gardens of Stone | My Boyhood in the French Resistance by Stephen Grady

I thoroughly recommend this book … a true story of courage and steely determination in the face of adversity. The writing style is journalistic and does not pull any punches.  It is the first book that I have read that is specifically about the resistance.  What a nightmare it must be to share your country READ MORE