Weddings with a Difference!

Mothers of the Bride and Groom filling the sand frame as part of the ceremony.

This summer has been joyous, it has been all about weddings and the celebration of union.  Families brought together by the joining of couples with hand-fastings, sand and candle ceremonies.  There have been many different types of wedding, some quite traditional and others very definitely not.

The cast has been roughly the same; the happy couple – often with little children, some with dogs, a pony and a very badly behaved parrot!  Proud parents and grand-parents, emotional bridesmaids in a rainbow of colour, best-men and in one case a best-woman who have delivered speeches that are funny, poignant and blooming cheeky.
There have been wonderful impromptu moments that you could not script.  Sunsets and rainbows, a downpour so loud that it stopped proceedings momentarily.
I have loved every second of it all – it is a huge privilege to share in such a special day, to be there at the beginning choosing the poetry and the music, writing the vows and then setting the newly minted twosome on the next stage of their journey through life.
I feel a certain young man is looking at me!

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